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                               ABOUT US

Novastel China Ltd is a trading company established in Hong Kong, China, in 2002.
Our Management has been in business for over 30 years
We initially started with the manufacturing and export of garments for Mens, Ladies and Children.  We sub-contracted our orders to various factories in China and exported to Africa & Central America .
With our vast network of contacts we have been successful in learning extensively & forming Joint Ventures with well established and reliable producers of various Palm Oil producers in Malaysia & Indonesia and of milk powder producers in Europe.
Due to our strong business network developed over almost 30 years of business experience of our management, we keep on adding new products to our line of business.
In 2015, we restructured our organization and established:
Novastel International Ltd. and Novastel Gems Ltd.. with Novastel China Ltd. being the holding company.
Novastel International Ltd. now handles all the trading and trade finance activities of our group



We export the following products:

  • Palm Oil Products in various specifications
  • Milk powder in various specifications
  • Garments for Men’s, Ladies, Children
  • Commodities